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Specializing in microwave and RF components, subassemblies, power products and related hardware.






G Squared Technologies, Inc.


G Squared Technologies, Inc. is an Electronics Manufacturer’s Representative firm which has served the Mid-Atlantic Region since 1990. We specialize in representing manufacturers of Microwave and RF Components, subassemblies, power products and related hardware. Our customers include both military and commercial OEM’s, government agencies and laboratories located in the states of Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, Delaware and West Virginia, Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

Featured Products
  • Technical Features Block Down Conversion 28-40 GHz to 6-18 GHz Integrated Synthesized LO Source Allows for Customized LO Frequency 17 dB NF Typical Hermetic Design for High- Reliability Applications Internal or External 10MHz or 100MHz Phase Reference for Phase Locked Output with automatic switching RFE......

  • Upgrading systems can be expensive, consider purchasing a testing system that allows for future expansion.  JFW’s modular design allows future expandability, while keeping current testing costs in line with your current testing needs. Features:   200-6000 MHz operating band 0 to 95dB by 1dB step......

  • NIC introduces a 24 GHz – 30 GHz wide-band Cavity Bandpass Filter spanning from K band to Ka band. The filter is designed for low insertion loss, sharp close-in attenuation of >60dB and can withstand harsh military environmental requirements, making it a perfect fit for......

  • Performance without compromise You’re constantly faced with finding optimal size, weight, power and cost solutions in an ever-demanding market. Shrinking your electronics kit while simultaneously increasing its function; is no easy task. The reality is that you need to get MORE performance from the connectors......