MwT High-Power GaN Amplifiers and MMICs - G Squared
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MwT High-Power GaN Amplifiers and MMICs

For 37 years you have used our Microwave GaAs FETs, Hybrids and Amplifiers. Now try our next-generation!

10 – 25W GaN Power Amplifiers*

ModelFREQ (GHz)GAINP-3 (dBm)SMT Pkg
MGA-718540-HP37.1 – 8.51440HP3
MGA-718544-HP37.1 – 8.51344HP3
MGA-515844-995.1 – 5.8164499

GaAs Based Driver and PAs*

ModelFREQ (GHz)GAINP-3 (dBm)SMT Pkg
MMA-445933H-M54.4 – 5.93133M5
MMA-062020-C36.0 – 201418C3
MMA-012727-M40.1 – 26.51226M4
MMA-243033D-M524 – 302533M5
MMA-273334D-M527 – 332533M5

*Download flyer to see a comprehensive list of all products available