3.x.x Firmware Feature Update (3.3.18) - G Squared
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3.x.x Firmware Feature Update (3.3.18)

The firmware for our Ethernet/RS-232 models (aka 3.x.x firmware) has been updated.  It is a feature update only.  All changes to 3.x.x firmware are noted on our Firmware Change Log.  For this update, we added increment/decrement functionality into the remote commands:  Set Attenuator (SA), Set All Attenuators (SAA), and Set Block (SB).  Examples of the new functionality can be found in our 3.x.x Firmware Manual.  The examples and command syntax can be viewed in sections 2.3.2, 2.3.4, and 2.3.10 of the manual.  The increment/decrement feature allows you to change the dB setting of a programmable attenuator inside of a test system by specifying only how much dB you want increment/decrement from the attenuator’s current value.  This command allows a user to threshold test a handset by incrementing the dB setting of an attenuator until the handset loses connection with its access point.  Once the handset loses connection, the Read Attenuator command can be used to determine the dB setting at the threshold level.