ArcTite® cable assemblies for high-density applications – Dynawave - G Squared
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ArcTite® cable assemblies for high-density applications – Dynawave

ArcTite® series cable assemblies provide ultra-low profile bends without the need for supplemental strain relief boots. Dynawave’s innovative SMA connector design conforms to the MIL-STD-348 interface specification and utilizes a 360° internal solder termination for high reliability and enhanced shielding effectiveness. 

These assemblies are ideal for high density, internal module connections and provide a cost effective, higher performance alternative to SMA right angle connectors. ArcTite® assemblies replace standard 0.086 and 0.141 custom semi-rigid cables eliminating the need for complex, pre-defined bends. 

ArcTite® assemblies are available with SMA straight plug or bulkhead jack connectors in a range of standard lengths available for quick delivery. Hybrid assemblies with traditional MCX or SMP right angle connectors on one end are also available to make PCB terminations.